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Athletes In Action

Athletes In Action is Campus Crusade’s sports ministry. They have ministries that work with professional athletes, teams of their own that play all over the world, and many more things that are sports related. All of it is done with the ultimate goal of reaching people for Christ. I recommend checking out their site and seeing all the many creative ways that they are using sport to further God’s kingdom.

On a side note, the term Geeks in Action that I use on my personal page is a play on the name of Athletes in Action. When we were at new staff training there were a number of AIA staff there. I told them we were working at headquarters because there was no ‘Geeks in Action’ ministry.

International Leadership Academies

The mission of the International Leadership Academies is, “to develop indigenous Christian leaders to build community movements that will assure the continuing fulfillment of the Great Commission in a given area. ILA provides concentrated vocational training for Christian Leaders who will mobilize believers into movements of evangelism and discipleship to reach their communities for Christ.

The ministry started in Russia in 1993 and there are now academies all over the world. This ministry trains leaders and does so, coordinating and assisting ministries with the same goal as Campus Crusade, reaching the world for Christ. The headquarters for ILA are in Phoenix, AZ. Their website has much more information about their mission, history and purpose.

Venezuela and New Tribes

A bit back Hugo Chavez accused New Tribes missionaries of all kinds of things, ranging from living in oppulence to being CIA operatives. He expressed a desire to see them removed from the country. I’ve read today that the New Tribes staff have been officially asked to leave tribal areas.

They have not been asked to leave the country but certain parts of the country where they minister. They have been given 90 days to comply.

New Tribes has 160 staff in Venezuela, including about 30 Venezuelans. Please pray that they would be able to continue working in their chosen areas of ministry. Back in October indigineous peoples protested against this move, as New Tribes provides many essential services to these people. More information is also available at the New Tribes web site.