New Year’s Resolutions

We had a lot of fun with the kiddos on New Year’s Eve. The kids stayed up to a bit after 9pm. We played UNO with rules, that’s where the winner gets to make a new rule for the next hand and Sorry. We toasted in the New Year with some Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice that I had poured into real wine glasses for the kids. Then we sat around the table and talked about New Year’s Resolutions. All on their own, here’s what the kids came up with:
Rachel: Share the Gospel with 5 people in her class.
Hannah: Finish a painting on her brand new canvas.
Eddie: Finish a big Lego set all by himself with no help.
Mom: Continue trying to not lose her temper – we’ll see how that goes.

The funniest one was Eddie. JR and I had left the table and when I came back the kids were talking about a resolution they could all make together. Eddie’s idea was to sneak up on Mom and Dad when they are having time alone together and listen in on what they are talking about. Eddie’s reasoning?? – He is always curious about what JR and I talk about when we are all alone together. I was laughing quite a bit when he shared this one ;.)

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