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Faculty Commons at work

The main CCCI web site has a great story up right now about Walter “Dub” Lane and his work in Mexico City as a Christian economics professor.  Ingrid and I had the pleasure of meeting Dub when we were last in Mexico and I can tell you that he is a great guy.  (Our time there happened to coincide with him and a few other professors that were there as well – we all met at an event put on by Enfoque Mexico)  I’m thrilled that I can point you to this well written story (a lot better than I could do) that will give you a small window into one of the many Crusade ministries.  Many incredible stories like this are being written in people’s lives all over the globe every day.

Enfoque Mexico

The ministry we were working with while in Mexico was Enfoque Mexico

The vision: Transform Mexico City into a place where every person has the opportunity and ability to live out their purpose in life.
The mission: Develop a network of influential leaders across ten key domains of the city committed to facilitating citywide transformation.

Hop on over and read up about an exciting ministry that is changing lives in one of the largest cities in the world.

Happy to be home

We had a great time in Mexico.  So many cool things happen that I know they wont all fit in this month’s newsletter – but we’ll have all the extras here.  We were back in Orlando early Saturday evening.  Our flight left Mexico city almost an hour late, and our layover in Atlanta was short, even if it had been on time.  We made up some time in the air, but we still didn’t think we’d make it through customs in time to make the connection.  God was good – and we made it.  More details later, but just wanted to say that we were so happy to see the kids and are enjoying being back in our own home.