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Ways to keep in touch

We have a neat job, Ingrid and I. I was reminded of it this week-end as we shared Easter and our wedding anniversary with dear friends of ours that were in town. Due to the fact that we don’t operate alone but rather as part of a large team of ministry partners, we have so many of these great friends that are involved in our life and calling at a very deep level. These people pray for us, care for us and provide the financial support that allow us to put our full focus into our role in fulfilling the mission that God has called us to accomplish.

Our team of ministry partners are the best!

We are always trying to think of ways to improve the communication between the members of that team. For a tech guy, it’s been a pretty low tech endeavor up to this point. Hopefully that is going to be changing. Here are some of the avenues that will be available to keep up with what God is doing with us and to let us know what is going on in your life.

You can always call us, write us, or email us. All the necessary contact info. can be found here at the blog. Those have been in place all along and wont go away. I’ll be working hard to use email more this year to give quicker updates than our monthly newsletters.

We’ll be doing more videos like those in the last few posts and those will be showing up here. You can also see them over at our youtube channel.

You can follow us as well as @jringrid at twitter.

Finally, if you are on Facebook, we would encourage you to be a part of the group In Mission with JR & Ingrid. This will be an easy place for anyone who uses Facebook to keep up with our blog and twitter feed. Both will automatically show up in the group. It isn’t necessary to be our “Facebook Friend” to be in the group, and we’ll try to invite anyone we know might be interested, but if we miss you just ask to be a member and we’ll get you in ASAP.

As Red Green says, we are all in this together. It’s my hope and prayer that these tools will help us all to have a closer sense of team and mission.

Connections – Part 2

This is part 2 of a series, where I am sharing some of my thoughts about missions and technology. If you missed it, you can start with Connections – Part 1. To summarize what I said there, it is basically a summary of how recently I feel that God has led me into various conversations and situations that have brought me to an understanding of how we could be better leveraging technology to reach the world for Christ. In this post I would like to start talking about just what that may look like. I’m going to be talking about technology but this should not be too technical. I want to do that, but it will come later. Right now I’d like to discuss in broad terms just how I think this could work. How can technology be useful in spreading the gospel?
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