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Connections – Part 2

This is part 2 of a series, where I am sharing some of my thoughts about missions and technology. If you missed it, you can start with Connections – Part 1. To summarize what I said there, it is basically a summary of how recently I feel that God has led me into various conversations and situations that have brought me to an understanding of how we could be better leveraging technology to reach the world for Christ. In this post I would like to start talking about just what that may look like. I’m going to be talking about technology but this should not be too technical. I want to do that, but it will come later. Right now I’d like to discuss in broad terms just how I think this could work. How can technology be useful in spreading the gospel?
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Connections – Part 1

When I was in high school, our local PBS station re-ran a series called Connections. I can remember coming home from church on Sunday nights and watching it with my dad. It was a pretty cool show that would detail the history of some present day technology, tracing it back to various discoveries in the past. Sometimes the links between the discoveries were not immediately apparent, and the host of the show would draw the connections. Pretty fascinating stuff.
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